Try Something New!


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When was the last time you stretched your  brain cells by working in a medium you weren’t familiar with? Over the past 17 years while still owning  my fabric store, I wanted to help in my son’s classroom.That’s where the art interest  kept growing and growing until (the fabric store gone at this point) I was totally committed to teaching art to kids and sharing about art through assemblies at quite a few different schools. I learned something new each and every time I taught or lectured.

I have had fun taking some of those art lessons to the adult world. Here is one class. Up at Zephyr Point, yep, my favorite place to be whenever I can, I taught a class using oil pastels in the Modigliani style. (he was all about long necks, simple features). None of the women had ever done anything like this and were willing to give it a try. I mean, how could you NOT want to try this sitting outside on a gorgeous summer day at Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Art 09 313

Working hard.

Tahoe Art 09 291

Tahoe Art 09 292 Tahoe Art 09 293

One interesting thing to come out of this class is that each and every one of these portraits, became a self portrait without even trying! And they all said they had fun. And awhile later one of these ladies SOLD her self portrait for $35.00. Love that!

Below are two examples of the medium of my choice now in my “Art on The Wall, Art to Wear” continuing adventure. The first palette is for a new project for Stitch Party Ebook coming out this summer! I’ll tell you when it comes out. And below that is the palette for Stitch Magazines Fall edition, a project that has been fun, fun, fun. I created it to be easy to sew, so easy that it becomes addictive. The assistant editor told me, “they are so fun to make, I can’t stop.”  Both palettes are Marcia Derse fabrics.

DSC_0293 DSC_0158

Tomorrow, I will introduce my newest pattern, Off The Grid Vest, at the Foothill Quilt Show (Auburn, CA), through their fashion show. I have added this vest (getting you started) to my workshop with Artistic Alchemy’s 2nd annual retreat at Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe. Don’t want to make a vest? I will teach you the technique and you’ll make a “Skinny Mini.” Hop over to Artistic Alchemy to sign up. Guaranteed fun.


Find 15 minutes today and everyday to be creative. Hugs, Heidi


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4 thoughts on “Try Something New!

  1. Hi Heidi. Just wondering if your Off the Grid vest pattern will be available to those of us who are not able to come to your classes?

    1. Hi Pam, Bummer that you can’t come to the workshop. BUT, I will have this pattern available through or just email me at and I’ll put it in the mail. I sooooo wanted it all done before I talked about it but it wont be long. I edit, edit, edit, before I put them out to everyone. I try so hard not to have any mistakes. It will be $9.95. One more week I think.

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