I’m Working on my “Off The Grid” Vest pattern

What a beautiful start to the day. It was taken from my back deck! It’s the first day of Spring. Happy Spring everyone.


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I’m up early because I am working hard to finish my Off The Grid Vest Pattern. The making of a pattern always means making the project as I write up the pattern, as well as much picture taking.


In case you missed it, here is “Off The Grid” a vest that I am so excited to FINALLY get the pattern out there into everyone’s hands.Please visit my August 26, 2014 blog post for more pictures of this fun vest.


I first made a bunch of uneven log cabins blocks.


Working on machine quilting the collar piece.  I’m using beautiful Alison Glass Batiks by Andover Fabrics for this my newest vest.


I also need some  stiffer pieces of fabric. I spray right on top of my cleaned off glass top table. Works really well.  Oh look at all the weeds that need pulling. I need this fresh air. I’ll just pull a few….ha, ha, ha!


Well, well, after the fresh air and weed pulling, my fingers are killing me. If you haven’t used this stuff, you need to try it. It really works. And just like the commercial says, it doesn’t stink.

I’m sorry, no more pictures. I need to go to bed now. I did get soooo much done today.  O.K., one more:


I enjoy this technique so much that I have decided to incorporate it into my workshop at Zephyr Point this September at our Artistic Alchemy Retreat. I will help you begin the vest layout or if that is too much, learn the technique with the rest of us and turn one of the panels into a table runner, or skinny wallhanging. Oh what fun we will have. There is still plenty of room in my workshop. So  don’t delay, hop on over to the Artistic Alchemy site and get signed up. Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com    Hugs, Heidi


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4 thoughts on “I’m Working on my “Off The Grid” Vest pattern

  1. I’m so excited for this pattern! It is simply beautiful and different! Very artsy looking and not many will have one like it! Excited about your progress!

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