Stitch, Fall 2015 & Pretty Fabric Butterflies & A Wall Finish. What??


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Remember these? Are they pods, diamonds, or something else? I told you a few posts back that I submitted a bunch of these whatevers to Stitch Magazine and THEY SAID YES!!!! I will have them published in the Fall 2015 issue of Stitch. I’m  excited. The project should come out right before my workshop at the Artistic Alchemy Retreat at Zephyr Point. I will bring the projects to the retreat so that you can enjoy them in person.


And what is this? Spring butterflies are beginning to emerge (o.k., its February, just work with me here).


They are gathering on the little lady wall art piece that hangs on one of my walls in my office where I am typing this blog post. In later light and after many more butterflies have shown up, the wall looks to be a different group of colors.


I got the idea for the butterflies from flipping through a magazine and seeing a picture of paper butterflies (in red) all over a white wall. I loved the texture it evoked. I then went to Pinterest (please check out Heidi Emmett (you will see all my boards) and posted on 2 of my boards, “Fabric Manipulations”, and “Paper Arts” are the Oragami Butterflies you see here. The ones I pinned are very easy to recreate.


My beautiful wall I created myself. Very simply: Paint a wall one color, I used a buttery yellow. Yes it’s there, scroll up and down and you will see faint bits of yellow color. Then, buy another color of paint (a medium shade of green here) BUT NOT the gallon of paint itself! Bring your own container and tell them you want the colorant ONLY! They will think you are crazy but they’ll do it. And be sure to ask for the non colored can too. You can use it in another project and YOU paid for it. So don’t leave it at the store.


Fill half full, three  clean, large containers (5 gallon buckets are perfect) with wallboard compound. Divide the colorant between the buckets. Mix each one pretty well. This is a random “old world” look, so if it isn’t perfectly mixed no biggie. Using the drywall trowel and palette board, slap all three colors or just one at a time (try both ways to see what works for you) onto the palette board and using the trowel begin putting it on the wall. Aim for “Imperfect smooth”. Check out a You Tube video. It is  fun and easy to do. It’s really like frosting a cake. Let it dry. Oh, you don’t like that splotch over there? Use a wet sponge and pull it off and do it again. Let the whole thing dry completely and roll on a  Clear Coat in a satin finish.


Oh my, one of my butterflies(Kaffe Fassett, Parasol) fluttered onto some of the linens that I collect. Thrift shops abound with beautiful little pieces of linen and cotton thread. Whether embroidered, crocheted, tatted, I want to save all these treasured hand made things. Enjoy your weekend. Finally, we might get some rain so I can feel good about staying inside and creating all day long! Hugs, Heidi


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