How to Keep Your Man Close to Your Heart!


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How do you do this, you ask? Start with a man’s shirt, long sleeved or short. DSC_0040

Love the colors in this one! O.K., o.k., I’ll tell you now. You keep your man close to your heart by turning one of his OLD shirts (never use one he loves or is wearing now, there will be NO love from hubby if you do that)into an apron. I have seen so many pinned on Pinterest that I decided to do my own thing.


Ta da! I had to show the finished product first so you’ll get what I’m doing. Notice how long my apron is. I am sloppy in the kitchen AND I wanted to be able to use the pocket that was already on the shirt. Here we go:


Oh that first cut is the hardest for me! Snap out of it Heidi! I got this shirt at the thrift shop. My husband would never wear this shirt (a bit bright for him, ha).  Choose a fun fabric for the waistband, ties, and an extra pocket.


Cut through the front and the back above the pocket a few inches. Cut open the back of the shirt, right down the middle for the opening of the apron. Press under the long ends, press again, and sew.  Sew up the opening where the sleeves were cut out. Now you have  side seams.  The rest of these directions will be sort of vague as I am just giving generalities here.  Be sure to check out all my detailed  patterns (not like this) for sale on 


Make a colorful pocket using two pieces of fabric. Sew it and turn it inside out and topstitch it onto the front side area where there is no pocket. For the front waistband area, I didn’t want it to smoosh down so I added some iron on pellon fleece.


Whoops, the iron was too hot! Caught it in the nick of time.


I attached the waist band to one side and turned under the loose edge 1/4′ to stitch down after I fold the tie ends in half right sides together, sew and turn them right side out. Fold over the waistband and topstitch it in place. See below.


Here is my apron with it tied in the back. See the extra pocket that matches the shirt?


One more shot of the apron with a bow in front. I like the smoothness of the apron without all the gathers that you typically see. I think it’s a thing of beauty.


After my “photo shoot” of the apron I looked around my yard! People, it’s only the 20th of February. All the explosion of beauty in the flowers has been going on for more than a week! This is supposed to be happening the end of March, not now!


Forsythia, you can’t kill it if you tried. Makes a great hedge. Trim it or not, it’s up to you. Always plant it where it will stay. Suckers grow all around this bush and are very hard to get rid of. Pretty, for three seasons. Sticks for the fourth season (but I like sticks).


These three “Dappodils” (that’s what my nephew called them and the name stuck) were all lined up in a row for this shot.


Camellia’s do bloom in February. So it’s o.k.   Be sure to check out the Artistic Alchemy blog. More things about our September 7-11th retreat have been added. We are going to have a really good time! Hope I see you there. Now, go out there to your happy place and get creative! Hugs, Heidi

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