Marcia Derse fabrics in my Terrific Tabard & My Trip to Home Depot


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Well, we had to go to Home Depot. It is about an hour away. I normally love wandering the isles to see what cool tools and “stuff” is out there. But on this day, I was craving spring things. I opened the door to the garden area and was instantly happy, happy. The colors in the Primroses. They are one of the first plants to greet us in Spring. They remind me of San Francisco. That is where I first saw them many years ago.



They are lovely . What did I just see whiz by me on one of those big flat carts? I was so surprised to see a very large black Cocker Spaniel acting like the mast head on a ship. He was loving it. So sorry I missed that shot. I gave him a nice scratch behind the ears. Or how about the “biker dude” with a side leather sack holding a Chihuahua. Really? Yep.


Oriental Poppies. Crisp, clean, and clear. And such happy honey bees around too.



Elegant Blue Scabiosa. Gorgeous. A breath of Spring.


On to my Terrific Tabard, a vest.  I started with this great panel of Marcia Derse fabric. I love creating with large scaled fabrics. So I cut this piece up with some individual squares and some squares in rows.


Then I added a few other Marcia Derse prints. I like how they go with the necklace my brother gave me. It is a type of stone from Haiti.

DSC_0184 (2)

Zip, zip, zip, up and down, up and down. I stitch through a backing, filling, and my fabrics that I have cut up and laid out in a pleasing design.


Don’t look too closely at the stitching. Yikes, I had a hard time. And then in the middle of quilting this, it just stopped. I finished this with my old, trusty 830 Bernina and $$$ later, my other one was fixed.


Ta dah!!!


Love wearing this vest/tabard. Please visit to see all the patterns I have available.  Well I was wandering happily around the garden area of H.D., snapping away with my camera and a woman walked up to me and said, “Excuse me, do you carry, such and such a soil amendment?” Whaaaat?! I countered with,”Does this “Art to Wear” piece make me look like I work at Home Depot?”  I was soooooo sad. She said, “Oh!” and abruptly turned on her heel and walked away. I was really stunned and walked back into H.D. But, as I walked, I just started laughing out loud. Too funny.


Happy Valentine’s Day. Hugs, Heidi

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4 thoughts on “Marcia Derse fabrics in my Terrific Tabard & My Trip to Home Depot

  1. New to your blog — just discovered the fun stuff you make — and you know of Marcia Derse! I love her fabrics and no one in Sacramento area seems to know of her. Love that vest you made! I am looking forward to the possibility of getting to the Artistic Alchemy retreat and taking your workshop!

    1. Hi Rhonda, Yes, yes, Marcia Derse, one of my favs in the fabric world. Such simple lines and shapes and colors can carry a great impact. Be sure to scroll through the posts to see some other fun Marcia Derse creations, like, the Rafiki Skirt, and Off The Grid Vest. I am working on those two right now to be my newest patterns. Alas, I am slow at that part, sad to say. But your excitement has spurred me on. Thank you. Heidi

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