Stitch Magazine Winter 2015, It’s Finally on the News Stands


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 I had mentioned two posts ago that I am published in Stitch Magazine the winter issue but could not find it on the news stands. I found an issue yesterday. So it has arrived. I wasn’t making it up!  See more on the Artistic Alchemy blog. Here is one picture of the cover so will be able to spot it more easily. 





Yummy Kaffe Fassett stripe fabrics before turning into “Reels” for my Rods and Reels pillow. I just can’t get enough of these colors. When you’re done with this post look at the one I did last week. The gorgeous Gina and Noro yarns, same colors. I’m mad over beautiful saturated colors.


I had to show this picture, the design process. It’s o.k., but doesn’t have the pizzazz of this next one:DSC_0851I like the movement going on in this picture and it’s unexpected arrangement.  As with anything that you create, don’t be afraid, once you learn the technique, to challenge your original way of thinking and above all have fun! Hugs, Heidi

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