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It’s supposed to be winter so I’m in the knitting, crocheting, and felting mood. I started a super simple vest in garter stitch with my GORGEOUS Gina yarn (by Plymouth, color #12). The yarn (color 12) is on the left and how it garter stitches up is right next to it.It is kind of random looking. Then I thought what if I went to a different colorway of Gina.DSC_0108

I just love looking at this picture (above), as the colors and texture are so yummy. Yeah, that could work. Or,

DSC_0109Maybe I should felt some flowers on the vest pieces (the random piece of yellow and turq. yarn tossed onto the garter stitch). Or..


maybe introduce a third colorway of Gina in a totally random colorway (one on the left).


But then, should I try my new button (Polymer clay button by Sandra Bruce) on yet ANOTHER colorway? Will it work or is it too random, and out there?


O.K., abandon that line of thinking for a moment and take another Sandra Bruce Polymer button and try it on my very funky, capelette. I made that word up. This is crocheted from a very cool book that I will show you (as soon as I find it in the atrocious stacks of books and magazines that I own). I should go up and sort those out right now. Nooo….


Let’s enjoy the colors in this picture for awhile. I love the yarn I put all the granny hexagons together with. And I didn’t have to buy it, I pulled it from my yarns of 20 years ago and put two thin ones together. And these hexagons are made from Noro silk yarn.  Ohh, I need to go find all my Noro’s and put them with the Gina’s, and work with both of them in my random vest. Aaarrgggh…. this is all too much!

DSC_0050 It is Friday and my whole week has been like this. “Pinging” random thoughts, bouncing here and there and everywhere. Heidi, relax, take some deep breaths…. and go take some pictures. Move away from yarn.


Ahhhh, beautiful. A calming picture. May the rest of your week have some calmness, mixed with much beauty and some creative time. Hugs, Heidi

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