I Thought We Were in The Middle of Winter?



It is so warm and sunny that it is a bit tough to be inside creating. But that’s what I was doing yesterday. I just made it TO THE WIRE! to have my newest submission to Stitch magazine overnighted to Boston! Trusting that they like my ideas for the shapes you are looking at. I should know the middle of February.




Wow, these close ups show me that I really need to look at my tension. And I had no idea that the piece of fabric in the middle is WOVEN not printed. Love that.




I was working on this project at night too and don’t laugh, I had FIVE different light sources so I could really see. Crazy. AND, I recently got my new pair of glasses. Go figure.




The above picture, while boring, is something you need to know. My son informed me that charging at the proper time, all our special technological/and other devices, will extend their lives/batteries by a lot. The complexion brush on the left, which I love, needs to be used all the way to zero juice (even if you are in the shower and in the middle of using it) and then put it on its’ charging station for a looooong, slow charge (12+ hours). My tablet on the right should NEVER go to zero (if you can help it). I plug mine in to charge when there is 80% charge left. He said (in technology speak that is Greek to me) that we wear out our devices faster by charging improperly. I will get the proper terminology and post it.




All the money you save from charging your  items properly will allow you EXTRA money for more of the above! Ohhh yeah! Those of you in sunny, WARM, California, grab your sketch pads and go outside for your creative 15 minutes today. Hugs, Heidi

P.S. Don’t forget to go see the latest on the Artistic Alchemy blog, which includes, me, Christine Barnes, and Sandra Bruce. Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com

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