My Denim Rods and Reels Pillow Has Been Published in Stitch, Winter 2015 issue!

by Heidi Emmett

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My Rods And Reels Pillow using Old Denim Jeans and wonderful, colorful, striped cottons.





Denim strips sewn together first. DSC_0225

Colorful stripes are raw edged sewn down here and there to form “Rods and Reel” , like on a fishing rod and reel. DSC_0228



The back is just as fun as the front. Use a pocket from the back of the jeans and top stitch it down. And what a fun shape. Look for the Winter 2015 issue of Stitch magazine with a section on DIY denim projects. It is such an easy and fun project to make. If it isn’t on the stands now, it will be really soon.




When I took these pictures it was a gorgeous fall day. I have to show you why these shots had such a warm, golden, orangey glow. DSC_0204

Dogwood in all its gorgeous splendor!DSC_0207




Ahh, I miss the crisp fall days filled with color and design. Find your “creative”, just 15 minutes a day. Hugs, Heidi

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