Happy birthday son!


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A few years ago, at this exact time, I was at the hospital and a nurse was trying to put a bracelet on me, saying,”Honey you are going to have your baby”. I said “NO, I have to be at my fabric store, it’s our huge fabric sale.” She just laughed. You see, our son came four weeks early.  He is just fine (this picture is from Zephyr Point, Dec. 2012, I wanted a snowy shot).



I took these just last month. Our son and his “new” 1979 Mercedes. I, as his mother, am VERY happy he has it because he does so much driving  lately with his  job, he needs a good ride.

So Happy, happy, birthday our #1 son. We love you.

If any of you have any energy left after all the holiday celebrations, how about sitting down with your latest Stitch Modern Holidays, or Modern Patchwork magazines (remember, ha, ha, the ones I have projects in), and RELAXING for a bit. YOU’VE EARNED IT!! Hugs, Heidi

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