Create as You Go Handwork on a Very Bad, Terrible, Stormy Day….


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Inspiration for my handwork project. Where else, but Zephyr Point! It was a tiny bush on the side of the walking trail by Cabin 14.Every color in this picture is in my handwork project (even the background).



These Sun Sugar tomatoes (the colors) are in my piece too. O.K., O.K., I’m just showing off that I picked the very last of these AMAZING tomatoes on Dec. 9th!!! We had them for lunch today. Here is my super simple Sun Sugar recipe. As a side dish: Place in a bowl halved S.S. tomatoes. Cube an avacado,  and add. Drizzle good quality olive oil over all and then sprinkle your favorite salt blend over the top (today I used, Spanish Smoked seasoned salt with smoky paprika). Oh so gently toss, and serve. Oh SO YUMMY!



I had already done the yarn felted circles (upper right), and two, plaid, super spirals. I’m auditioning some yo-yo’s  and some other texture, Aunt Lydia’s Knit Crosheen (below).



Well, well, there really is a ” SHEEN” in Knit Crosheen thread. I love hand stitching with it. Oh yes, had to show off my Thanksgiving cactus again. It’s still going strong.



I’ve already done some “Rice Stitching” and “Doodle” stiching here and there.









I need to find those yo-yo’s before the lights go out. The background is a fabulous Italian wool knit. So nice to stitch on, and see those few bubbling up areas of the wool in the background? They will all disappear nicely with a touch of a steam iron hovered over a press cloth. ALWAYS use a press cloth on wool. Time to gather everything and get cozy in my chair and hand sew for awhile. This piece may become a pillow top. Go find yourself a mindless, fun, hand sewing project. USE WHAT YOU HAVE! Create as you go. Hugs, Heidi

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