Getting Ready for Christmas!



I just set this on the couch (to see if it worked) and lookie there, the little bird is right in the middle of the “O”. I was so smart thinking I really scored at an Ace Hardware store for $19.99.  Silly me, I thought EACH letter was battery operated. No, there is a nice tangle of wires going from letter to letter. I will attempt to put this in my front bay window. I also did not think about the letter O, and how it will stand up on its’ own. DSC_0676Learned several things about Christmas Cactus. #1. they are actually called Thanksgiving Cactus. It bloomed very nicely over Thanksgiving. I did not write a post about anything Thanksgiving. I was sooooo busy. If you want to see a post about my Thanksgiving, jump over to the Artistic Alchemy Blog,  #2 This cactus, although it is in the Cactus family does NOT like full sun. I have another one wintering in the garage, and it is finally coming back to life after a hard summer in the sun.





Yep, these are napkins. I LOVE them both! This artist, sooo sorry I can’t remember her name, had some very cool porcelain goodies along this same “Dr. Suess like” look in last years Front Gate catalog. I could afford her napkins. Ha, ha. or is it Ho, ho? I really see a wall hanging for either one. Me thinks I should have started 6 months ago! But I wanted to show you so you would start looking at your own napkins(or at parties this holiday season) with new eyes. DSC_0685


Are these NOT the cutest little wooden stockings you have ever seen? Yes, of COURSE I want to copy these (purchased 4 years ago at a hardware store in Truckee). Wood, wire, metal pieces, and paint. Orrrrr….something in fabric, wire, and metal. It all sounds great, we’ll see if it happens THIS year, because

I have to get ready for this:


My Christmas table for the Christmas Tea at my church. Calvary Bible church that has been in Grass Valley for over 100 years. We “hostesses” decorate our own tables and there are up to 35 tables each year. Ahhh, is it Christian to say we all get a bit competitive with our tables?



Check out this food! Every bit of it is as delicious as it looks. See the candy cane thing in the back? Way cool idea. I saved mine so I would know how to make one. It is petrified now, but I know what to do and will show you in another post.  post.

I also have to get ready for this:


Lakeview Lodge at Zephyr Point. Some of you were at our first annual Artistic Alchemy Retreat this past September. And some of you had class in Dobbins Hall. This is the cool lodge right behind Dobbins. It holds 30 people and my whole side of the family stayed there the weekend before Christmas of 2012. The snow started falling after the last of the suitcases hit the floor of the lodge. 1.5 feet of gorgeous snow.DSC_0620Adam, our oldest nephew building a snow sculpture at the edge of the dock.


Working on a one of several puzzles in the wee hours of the morning.


The twin great nephews with their Great Uncle building a snowman on the front deck. Below are some very interesting reindeer ornaments. I managed to put the eyes and noses back in place before the glue dried. We made ornaments, and paper chains to put on our Christmas tree that we brought from Grass Valley. We made gingerbread houses, read stories, ate tons of yummy food, and played games and laughed and laughed and made great memories.







Tahoe stair

Everyone on the steps the morning we left. Yes, all the boy cousins made a real igloo that you see to the left. Big and little enjoyed it. What a great time we had and this year four more will join our group. Find some time to get Christmas Creative this week. Hugs, Heidi





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