CHECK IT OUT! Heidi Emmett, Modern Patchwork, Winter, 2014, page 53.



This issue has much to offer in cool projects. It is sad that they pictured my Triangle Tote BACKWARDS! Alas, this is the back of it. There is not one picture of the front which also has button detailing and the best design feature, of the meeting of the points. I shall show you MY pictures that I took and sent to Modern Patchwork for last May’s “call for submissions.” DSC_0062 DSC_0059 DSC_0061

Will anyone want to make it from a picture of the back? Hopefully they will write to me with questions like: Why are buttons mentioned in the materials list, but they aren’t shown? Why would you have buttons on the back of a tote, but not the front? Crazy!

DSC_0667MODERN HOLIDAYS! holiday 2014-2015 edition, from the editors of Stitch Magazine. Sleep Sweet Eyemask, Page 33. Again, some really FUN projects in this issue as well. This is a new publication for the editors of Stitch.

DSC_0668DSC_0670  I think the coolest thing about this easy and fast little eyemask is the fact that I cut up silk dupioni blouses and a cashmere sweater (all from the Thrift shop). True upcyling. Here is a closeup of the SLEEP SWEET EYEMASK:



I would rather show more pictures and chat up my projects BUT, a storm is coming and there are MORE leaves to be raked up and dragged to the neighbors for mulch. Did I say how many BEAUTIFUL maple trees we have in our yard? Here is one more picture to take us out. Happy creating this week. Hugs, Heidi



Our sweet, 14 year old “Sparky.”

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