“Thar’s A BEAR!”

My husband and I have gutted our upstairs bath and and we are working on the tiling right now,around the bathtub. While Robert has been making cuts, I rush downstairs to my office and have been looking for just the right pictures for this post. Robert came in looking white as a sheet. He said he had to go out to the shop to make a special round cut, opened the back gate and saw a very large dark hulk of a bear. They eyed each other, Robert shouted at it, and Robert felt certain the bear said, “Really? Why don’t come a little closer.” Robert slammed the gate shut and ran into the house. It lumbered through the front yard and disappeared. YIKES!!


Taaadaa! The finished lampshade I promised you.


I am very happy with it.  It will do until the day I find the perfect rectangle shade that doesn’t cost a small fortune.


Check out this beautiful sunset from my back yard, actually I was bit into the neighbors Christmas trees to get this open view.


This is what I have been doing of late, raking, raking, raking!


And, picking the last of my veggies out of the garden. Early girl on the left, and Sun Sugar cherry type on the right. Ohhhh a sad time picking the last yummyness.


I did say I have been raking leaves didn’t I?  We planted these trees, ALL these trees because we love color! I forgot that they get BIGGER every year, meaning more leaves every year. Oh well. They are totally worth it!


O.K., O.K., I love taking photos of fall beauty in-between hauling leaves over to the neighbors Christmas trees (great mulch and they keep the weeds down). My armillary makes a sharp contrast against the snowball bush. So vibrant this year.


I have never seen leaves like this on a Dogwood tree. Beautiful.


All this beautiful color and in my yard no less!


My office helper, Rubix,  hiding under the rug until I get him a treat. Thanks for walking through our yard with me and listening to our bear story. I gotta say in 28 years of living here, we have never had a bear in our yard! Alas, I have been too busy to create anything new this week. I do at least 15 minutes a day though, working on my projects in progress (would those be PIP’s?). Sometimes I pin on Pinterest for 15 minutes as my creativity. That’s o.k. too. So here’s to creativity in whatever form you choose this week. Hugs, Heidi

3 thoughts on ““Thar’s A BEAR!”

  1. Heidi, we’ve had 2 bear sitings in our yard. I think the drought has brought more critters down to civilization. Your trees are gorgeous! I was afraid the drought would make for subdued colors this year…was I ever wrong! Thanks for the visual feast in your post.

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