This & That and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

Another gorgeous fall day! I have been absent for a few weeks. One week of bliss at Cabin A at Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe , and then a week of  “I don’t care about anything”. I am back on track now. DSC_0510I even got a little bit of fall in the background of this lamp. This is not a sewing project, but  something I just thought might work for you someday. The lampbase was my Mother-in-laws. It’s metal, old, and really cool. The gorgeous rectangle shade was mangled in the move to my house. A new one starts at $45.00 plus tax and shipping. Every frugal bone in my body shouted, no, no, NO! Too expensive.


A closeup of a nasty looking replacement shade. A really nice quality shade, water damaged on the one side but not on the inside. And FREE of course. I stole it off of my friend Christine Barnes’ porch. I did call and report the theft to her (I knew it was destined for the trash, but wanted to check just to make certain).


Helper kitty, Rex. His right eye is closed just enough to make it look like he doesn’t have a pupil. He does. I just wanted to point that out. Rex is showing you what I plan to cover the water damage with. Found this tape at Tuesday Morning, the store. T.M. is an off shoot of “Needless Markups” (aka Neiman Marcus). An upscale (sometimes) T.J.Maxx . They have added a fun, craft/yarn/even fabric area.


Yes, it is Washi Tape. Just discovered the coolness of this stuff. I think this coolness could become an expensive “new” hobby “must have”. It is paper that has a stickyness to it and holds nicely to whatever you put it on. Cut it, tear it, whatever you prefer. I have several different patterns in this narrow width. I plan to apply it one on top of the other until the water damage is covered. I will show you the finished results asap. The whole idea is to save money so I have more money to spend on FABRIC and YARN!! DSC_0518

Rex, what a Kingly pose!


DSC_0173Fall sunrise on Lake Tahoe looking toward the Western Shore. Hours before a storm with 45 mile an hour winds came up.


Later in the morning, storm clouds just starting to peek over the Western side of Lake Tahoe. This is Pope Beach. Usually there is only a small strip of sand and rocks showing.


Back at the dock below Cabin A as the storm really started to move in. Have a great rest of the day and don’t forget to vote! AND get out and enjoy the fall color wherever you live. Hugs, Heidi

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