It’s Fall, It must be Felting Time!


Hello everyone! I had so much fun yesterday. I went to a gala fashion show that showcased some very cool fashions, that were repurposed, made from scratch, or just exquisitely made. A large group of us first met for lunch. And across the way was a former student. Please meet, Sharon Crowder: (I do apologize, I am NOT used to my husbands phone camera), but I think you get the idea. Sharon, felted jacket, 1


Sharon Crowder wearing her beautiful felted jacket. She felted the wool jacket fabric first, cut out the pieces and then felted (by machine) the adorable yarn spirals here and there. Then, she sewed it up .It has no hems which I think is great. LOVE THIS!! Sharon, took my felting class and has been having a good time. Here is the back.

Sharon, 2


Sharon felted the background wool fabric in her washing machine. While you can felt by hand, I enjoy felting with a felting machine as you all know. I use yarn as is, straight from the hank because I think the texture adds depth and rich color to a project. Well done Sharon, and it was so good to see you and all my friends from Sun City Wearable Art Group, Roseville, CA.


I just found this picture (now to find it in my “to felt box”. I bought this beautiful hand knit vest for $17.00. Hello, I always tell my husband, “I can’t even buy the yarn, fabric, whatever, for that.” I want to put a few spirals (my favorite of course) on this vest just for fun.

Sharon, felting jacket, 3

There is Sharon again, and next to her is my friend, Joan Connelly. Joan made a very cool polar fleece vest trimmed in a lovely green and a large button closure on the front. She made this from a Button challenge. What a great idea. Let’s all do a button challenge garment.






Ohhh, I really enjoy using the “rice stitch”.  I plan to finish this and one other waaaay cool piece (I’ll show you when I get back) after next week. Yep, I’m going to Lake Tahoe, Zephyr Point, Cabin A. I am trying to decide what to take to work on. Mostly hand work, I think. And a book. Oh my, I haven’t read a book for at least 6 months. And of COURSE, my felting machine (a HuskyStar). Check Ebay for great prices on felting machines. Easy to use, finish a project easily in an hour. I’m serious. Check my back blog posts.DSC_0609


Ahhh, yes, fall at Sand Harbor, East Shore, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. NO ONE IS THERE!! Just us. I hope to be able to post from Tahoe. Have a wonderful, creative week. Hugs, Heidi



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