My Blue and Rose Period (like Picasso)!

Sampler Quilt ZephyrDid you know that Picasso had a “Blue Period” and a “Rose Period”? When he started out as an artist, selling his work,  he sold next to nothing and so he traveled with the Circus people throughout France. He loved the Circus people and felt accepted by them. He was sad though, hence the phrase, “Feeling Blue”.

The Rose Period came after he began to sell his work, while living in Paris. The phrase, “Everything is just Rosy”, came from that.

Sampler Quilt Zephy2r

Not right in the sun, these are much truer colors. Just one more, a close up.

Sampler Quilt ZephyrcloseypDoes this scream, 1980’s or WHAT??? 1983 to be exact. It is my first quilt ever! And yes, I had to be different and add VELVETEEN as sashing. I hand quilted ONE, yes ONE, square and said “that’s enough!” and hired someone to finish it. I opened a Full Service Fabric store, on January 2nd, 1983. I found out very quickly that I would never finish this quilt if I did not hire someone to finish it  for me. Here is one more, a wall hanging that my sweet sister-in-law Debbie made as a sample for “Heidi’s Fashion Fabrics” store.

Star Quilt, Zephyr

Is this NOT a fantastic shot with the Dixie in the background? These two quilts have a special purpose. They are being auctioned off for the first ever Quilt Auction at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference center at Lake Tahoe on October 12th.

We finished our first retreat on September 5th and found out about the auction then.  Keeping Zephyr Point moving forward, we think this is a great idea as we ALL LOVE it sew. But alas, since I do mostly clothing I did not have a current wall hanging ready to go. Surely someone will want an 80’s vibe for their home. Here’s hoping they do! Maybe you would want to attend our Artistic Alchemy Retreat next year! We are hoping to add an extra day. Please go to and see what we do. Hugs, Heidi

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