Super Sweet Spirals

I am so happy, happy! What a difference a SW wind makes! The air quality has been so horrible of late, off the charts terrible! So grateful for the small SW breeze to clear the air. All the windows and doors are open to bring in the sweet, cool air. Prayers of thanks go up, and prayers for firemen safety as they battle the King fire, near Lake Tahoe in California.

DSC_0833Here is my work in progress. I can even sew on it while I’m wearing it! Kidding! This is one of the techniques that I taught up at Zephyr Point, the Artistic Alchemy Retreat. It was only 3 weeks  ago. We are planning September 2015. I’ll keep you posted.

DSC_0841I keep turning it so you can see all sides. And if I spill, just turn it to a different spot. Cool.

DSC_0858Sorry, can’t help it. Rubix just knows how to pose!

DSC_0862Today is the first day of FALL! My favorite time of year. Happy Fall everyone. I was growing pumpkins, deer ate ’em. So once again, store bought.

DSC_0865Closer in. Linen background. Cut out a center circle. Take a 3/4″ wide piece of bias, fold in half, and stitch it round and round about 1/16th” away from the raw edges. Finger fold over and hand stitch down.

DSC_0869Helper cat, Rex, can fall asleep faster than anything. See these two super sweets, the one closer to the top of the picture, has a little stuffing in it. I slit it from the back, stuffed it, and closed it up.

DSC_0870Sorry, lighting is not the best. This is such a great technique to show case little pieces of all your favorite fabrics. The bias pieces are from left over bias strips from Calypso Vest. That is my pattern on Type in Heidi Emmett in clothing patterns.

DSC_0877Nothing is pressed yet, but that’s o.k. I just might want to fill the whole skirt with these. Great handwork project for evenings.

DSC_0879Speaking of linen, on my way home from the retreat I stopped at a couple of my favorite thrift stores. I found, one, fully lined 100% linen drapery panel, 110 x 96 in size, $5. Ladies, that’s a nice chunk of linen for whatever I want. And then I turned around and found for $2.50, a Calvin Klein, king sized flat sheet. It is 100% Pima cotton. Sweeeet! Perfect for a quilt back. It is a really nice small print. Quilting cottons are becoming quite expensive, so open your eyes to new possibilities. It ‘s fun, and addictive. That’s what my technique workshop is ALL about. What are the possibilities? Let’s try something different. Why not? Get out there and get your creative going this week. Hugs, Heidi



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