Zephyr Point Lake Tahoe, Artistic Alchemy Retreat, A SUCCESS!

DSC_0621Getting my classroom ready at Zephyr Point. Heidi Emmett’s workshop for the Artistic Alchemy Retreat, “Art on the Wall, Art to Wear”.

DSC_0634Just before dusk, setting up one of the ironing stations. Really! Who wouldn’t want to iron with a view like this.

DSC_0638Getting right to work, Connie Ferrao (in front), and Margaret Vodika in the background.

DSC_0653Carey Daly across the way in the Open Studio section. What’s that in the background? Let’s zoom in for a closer look…

DSC_0655It’s Pinto, the resident cat who added instant cozy and happy vibes. Pinto would saunter into Dobbins Hall and check up on everyone’s work. With that hard job done and a long drink from the faucet, settle down for a nap.

DSC_0623The beginnings of our samples. I want to focus on “Ways With Large Prints and Inserts”. This technique came from my “Skinny Vest” aka Terrific Tabard pattern.

DSC_0933A close up section of my “Aussie Angle” vest. Now let’s see what my amazing students created:

DSC_0627Margaret Vodika’s is on the left and Kathy McDaniel’s  is on the right. Working from a specific group of fabrics that I had them all bring (one large print, stripes, batiks, small prints, etc.) they came up with these intricate looking samples. They were stitched onto my favorite batting, Pellon’s, Iron on fleece. You girls make me so proud. Kathy bought that cool fushia dot the night before from Fabric Chicks. Look how it takes your eye right to the fun flowers. And WAIT until you see what Margaret created from her first practice swatch at left. I want to showcase it next time we meet online.

DSC_0628Focus on the upper right of this picture. Connie Ferrao has started a very clean, classic look with full impact on color and line. Can’t wait to see more circles flowing down the side. This would be a dynamite pillow top.

DSC_0764Linda Miller used a French Inspired fabric that she purchased the night before at our “store” that came from Minden, Nevada. Fabric Chicks owner Beth Watts brought so many luscious fabrics and notions for us to choose from. I really like how Linda showcased her favorite sections of this large print. And the background strips really compliment the Parisian feel. Let’s all pour a glass of Cabernet and toast Linda.

DSC_0626Dee Jones brought some powerful color pieces. LOVE them. She has a great balance sense in what should go with what. There was no time to do serious fussy cutting. I enjoy looking at the over all sense of detail without actually cutting intricate curves and tiny pieces. Lovely Dee. Just lovely.

Ladies, ladies, I am so proud of you. And this was only the FIRST of seven techniques. More to show you next time. Until then, hugs to everyone. Heidi


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