“Off The Grid”, my new Vest!

In the last post, I discussed “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” of the vest I was creating. I finished it just a few hours ago! I LOVE it! DSC_0556It is “The Good, good, GOOD!” Off the Grid is so different than anything I have made. It is an “Art to Wear” piece. I hope you like it too.



I started folding it every which way as you will see. They all work.




Gray ombre’ fabric base is from E.E. Schneck, the off the grid design is from other ombre’s and ALL prints are Marcia Derse except the black and white.















Hours and hours of sewing! Everything I had first thought of doing with the base fabric (the gray ombre’ from E.E. Schenck) went out the window. I was so late, I sat at my sewing machine and said a little prayer. God answered it with idea after idea. I questioned them all, but went ahead, who am I to question God?  I’ll post more about how I did it and why. Too tired now. Next week is my workshop up at Zephyr Point. I’ll take lots of pictures. And of course, I will take “Off The Grid” for show and tell! We’ll talk in two weeks. Hugs, Heidi




4 thoughts on ““Off The Grid”, my new Vest!

  1. Amazing work, Heidi!! Oh My Gosh, I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic I think your “wearable art” is….how good it looks on you! It truly is a piece of art! A quilt that can be worn, looking a little like a quilt, but not….because it fits and works and all the pretty is in the right places….Wow! You are a genius! I so wish I was coming to your class this next week. I had already signed up for another when I heard that you girls were going this. If you ever teach at a local shop where I can attend, let me know….I will be there. If not, next year at Zephyr! Hope you have fun, that the weather is fantastic and everything goes well!

    1. Hi Teresa, Wow, you wrote such WONDERFUL things about my quilted garments and I don’t think I ever responded to your comments (that’s what it looks like from my end, I can quilt but technology, not so much). HUGE apologies if that is the case. Busy, busy, time getting ready for the retreat. It went well, very well for a first one. Look for announcements on 2015’s retreat in the next two weeks. Hugs, Heidi

    1. Thank you Pam for your interest. Were you at the Pine Tree Quilt Guild Meeting this past Tuesday, per chance? That was the second time I had worn it out and about. I had such an overwhelming response to it that I will move it up in the cue for patterns to launch. Look for it in the next few months. I’ll make a big ta dah! announcement for it. Hugs, Heidi

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