The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

Here is the Good! Christine Barnes’ Urban Ombres


I am working on a brilliant (or so I thought) idea for a vest using these fabrics. Two posts back you saw the scraps from my Urban Ombre’ Top turned into  fun, different sized rectangle blocks. Christine sells many of these fabrics on her blog (all ombre’s), the prints are Marcia Derse fabrics.


O.K., here comes the “BAD”: I am using the “BIG BAD, (It’s Good really!) Terial Magic “in this next picture. Check it out.



What is Terial Magic you say? I want you to go to right now and check out their Blog. Yes, me, Heidi, I am doing a guest blog post (it should post by tomorrow, 8/20. I LOVE this stuff. The pile of scraps are cut off of Urban Ombre’ blocks and sprayed with Terial Magic.  Let dry .

That mangled mess has been sorted and pressed. These are going to be nice, you’ll see! But before you see how I used these strips (I will clean up the raw edges a bit) I am working on the foundation of the vest.

DSC_0234Below, my rectangle blocks are sewn onto a foundation ombre’ for the fronts of the vest (they are turned on their sides so I could get it all in one shot). Still, so good. Lovin’ it.



Up above, those wavy lines, this is where it gets UGLY!!


Do you see it? The distortion. “Natch”, I’m in a big hurry and I SHOULD KNOWN BETTER!

DSC_0222This is the back side of the above piece (it’s going to be a reversible collar). Oh my goodness! The white is part of the batting (the beige color are my pants), so distorted is this piece. Ladies, do it right the first time. Save time, agony, grief!

DSC_0228To the rescue. My trusty walking foot given to me by my good friend, Christine Barnes (Urban Ombre’s is her lovely pattern) many years ago. I have set it all aside for awhile. So until I show you the finished product, deep breaths, and onto something else that’s Good!

DSC_0178My friend grows Dahlia’s so well. She gave me a bouquet to enjoy! Thanks LouAnn.



DSC_0189O.K., I’m calm again. Have a great and creative week all! Hugs, Heidi












2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

  1. Too funny! I kept looking for “the bad,” but I was loving how the blocks look on the gray ombré. They are so much fun! (That’s color 714, gray Gelato, available on my website store, Please excuse the shameless promotion.) Can hardly wait to see the finished vest. It will fit me, right? 🙂

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