Urban Ombre’s quilt pattern Changin’ it Up!



My friend and fellow Artistic Alchemy Teacher teaches this quilt of her own design. I took the class, and of course with with the leftover fabrics thought, “How can I use these pieces in a garment.” Visit Christine’s website for yummy patterns and kits, and fabrics: christinebarnes.com



First, I have to make gorgeous blocks from my scraps.



Notice that the edges of the blocks have been pressed under. I want a really clean, crisp look when I am done.  DSC_0086


I am sewing a blind hem stitch all the way around for a crisp finished look. And no, the needle is NOT going the wrong way. I am left handed! O.K., what is that stitching line above the hand sewing? DSC_0085


There it is again. And oh dear, in this close up some of my hand stitching shows. Anybody looks at it that closely when I have it on will be smacked! And there is the machine stitching line AGAIN! That line is my big tip for the day: Stitch some lines, two are plenty unless you think you need more. They take the place of pins. I hate shots, needles, and pin pricks. This was so easy and clever on my part, I am even now patting myself on the back. Let’s look one more time:



Two lines are plenty for this 5″ rectangle. I will just pick out the red violet stitching lines and then give it a good press. Please check back to see my progress and the name I will give this vest. I am off to the county fair! I have gone to this fair, here in Nevada County, CA since I was a very little girl. I’ll take a few shots to show you all that it is the prettiest fair in the whole state! Have a great, creative week. Hugs, Heidi

One thought on “Urban Ombre’s quilt pattern Changin’ it Up!

  1. Gosh, I can hardly wait to see what you’ve done with my quilt design! Those fabrics will be so interesting in a garment. And how clever to appliqué them instead of piecing the blocks and the gray ombré!

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