Shameless Advertising! My best selling pattern!



Heidi’s Twisted 3 Tier Skirt Pattern. Great for Beginners! The Kaffe Fassett Mille Fiore in Rayon above is not twisted.



The Italian cotton skirt on the manikin  is twisted. You “twist “cotton skirts while damp so they have a krinkled look and don’t need ironing.



This is a busy print so it is not easy to see the “twisting.”



An Italian Rayon (no twisting). This pattern fits many body types, and heights. Easy to follow directions tell you what to do. There are no pattern pieces to mess with either. All for $4.95. Go to and check it out. Type in Heidi Emmett once you get to patterns and see what I have available. DSC_0017


Such a beautiful Bali Batik by Hoffman. This batik is 20+ years OLD! Can you believe it? I love the elastic waist. I am wearing one right now as I type this because it is so comfortable on such a HOT day here in the foothills of CA. I will be able to eat all the Gelato I want. Stay cool. Hugs, Heidi




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