Paper Flowers and a Few Real Ones Too

A really fun and mindless way to make Paper Flowers. DSC_0007


The tool (the gray pen-like implement) is called a Rolled Paper Flower Tool.



I am using a two-sided paper. Cut out circles. Cut into the circle a spiral. The tool has a slot on the end. Put the beginning of the spiral into the slot and start rolling. Easy Peasy!



This is a first, I believe for this application. Paper flowers on a purse. The purse is in mint condition except spots on the peau de soie (that’s why it was at the Thrift Store).





I used several papers for this small purse. I had to make an amazing amount of them. I am gluing them on with Modge Podge and will cover every flower with a layer of Modge Podge to protect all the flowers. I think it is sweet and very unique!





Zinnias are such happy flowers. They are all I got planted this year. Hot tip for all of us gardeners: No time or place to plant? Buy color bowls of flowers. They will make you so happy. You don’t need but a few of them. Water them every day ( they dry out fast), and fertilize every 6 weeks (directly on the soil, never on the plant). Have a cool, and creative week. Hugs, Heidi



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