Rest and Relaxation at Lake Tahoe!

Yes, we were gone for a week to our favorite place, Zephyr Point. We had cabin “A”.  We call it our cabin now, because we secure it every year at this time because it’s our anniversary. June 26th, this year 32 years of being married. We are allowed to bring things that “add to” the ambiance  of the cabin. We have brought new outdoor rugs, curtains, and next year, we are bringing a new mattress!!! I’m serious.

Remember, you too can come here to Zephyr Point for the Artistic Alchemy Retreat, September 2-5th. Check out our Blog: AND you will have a very comfortable bed to sleep in too! I promise. Not a cabin but a lovely, simple, room.DSC_0216


Here is the front of Cabin A. That’s my hubby sitting outside. And our Kayak (the red one) that went on its maiden voyage this trip.



This is our view from the deck of cabin “A”. We are on the Eastern shore so we get some amazing sunsets. What you see in front are the docks that protect the private beach that we launch our kayaks from. It is just the BEST!!!



This is Pinto, the resident cat. He belongs to the director and his wife. Pinto loves to visit and sit for a spell.  DSC_0166We buy summer season tickets for the Gondola at Heavenly Valley. The first ride up every season, scares me so much. Go to the very top of the ladder on this tower. That little blob of land right above it is Zephyr Point. And to the side is Cave Rock (the only tunnel on Tahoe). The green area close to the lake with little ponds is Edgewater Golf Course.



One more picture from the first observation deck. This is the true south shore of Lake Tahoe. The water is really that color and it has to do with the depth. Lake Tahoe is 99% pure. You can easily see the bottom at 100 feet. It is 22 miles long, 12 miles wide, 72 miles around and approximately, 1685 feet deep. It is the largest, deepest, Alpine lake on the continent .



Flying Sweetly by Kim Gann for P&B Textiles is this piece. I added the little circles of wool that I embroidered and beaded first and now I have to sew them down. Here are some close ups.



So many things I can make with this one piece. The center of a quilt, a pillow top, to name a few. I worked on quite a few other items while up there, but I want to wait to show you when they are done. Yep, a working vacation, but it really isn’t work for me, it’s relaxing! Have a super creative week and Happy 4th of July, everyone!! Hugs, Heidi


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