Fabulous Friday!



I LOVE these two pictures. Walking to our son’s graduation from Chico State University. It was a PERFECT day! His degree  is in Business Information Systems Technology. And he HAS A JOB PEOPLE!! IN HIS FIELD!! He has a real salary, and benefits, and insurance!! We are soooooo HAPPY! DSC_0893


And the other handsome guy over there is my husband. Today, he closed his high school English classroom door for the last time. He RETIRED!! So,He ended his 38 yr. teaching career and our son has just started his. I am having REAL TROUBLE processing all this. Really! So that is one of the reasons this weeks Blog is so late.



Also, I FINALLY finished the whole instruction bit for the above project. It was sent it to Stitch Magazine on “Spec”. For some reason the editor needs to see the project in person, along with all the instructions, before she can decide if she likes it. It’s rustic looking on purpose, because it is a denim project. I was so preoccupied with “my boys” that it took a WEEK to get this thing done. Crazy.





Isn’t this spirally thing TOO FUN?!!! Here is one more.





I want to give proper credit for these. I saw this technique on Pinterest, some machine and some hand work. VERY FUN to do. I will get the woman’s name, Yikes, this will take awhile. I have tons of pins. You will like them. Help get me over 2,000 followers. Follow me! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Heidi








4 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday!

  1. I can’t believe he is a graduate! Congratulations!!! You and Bobio look great! xxxooo

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  2. Love the pic of Cory, with his gown billowing, and Robert. Cory is on the road to great success, and you, his parents, deserve lots of credit. The rods and reels are wonderful, just plain FUN!

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