Whistling Thru a Wednesday-An Easy Project

I was busy this morning giving demos on machine felting at our MAQ Demo and Sale (MAQ stands for Mountain Art Quilters). We are in the higher foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, 1 1/2 hours to Lake TAHOE and Zephyr Point Conference center where we are going to have fun! Please check out our Artistic Alchemy Group Blog: Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com. I just HAD to throw in that little commercial.


(Above, a cabin on the lake at Zephyr Point, that you see on a morning walk) Announcement!!! We were able to secure an extra conference room so that we can add “OPEN STUDIO”.!This is a chance to be with other quilters in a beautiful setting, while you work on your own projects. And, enjoy the evening activities, which will include giveaways and show and tell. Maybe your mini group wants to come….

DSC_0143 DSC_0101


Above this picture, a sunset view of the private beach/dock that you can enjoy. Our retreat is right after Labor Day. NO crowds!! Awww….peace, quiet, scenery like the picture right above. This is the view from the deck where you can sit and chill of the gift shop. Don’t miss it. Some fun things.

All right, back to my Wednesday. Coming home after a fun morning at MAQ, I went down to help my Mom with some cushion covers! She lives 100 yards away in her new “second dwelling” (they aren’t called “Granny Units” anymore, everyone). We will whistle through this project on a Wednesday afternoon, ’cause they are easy to make. Lots of pictures to follow with a brief explanation. Here goes:













The gist of this project: buy Sunbrella type fabric. Make the cover in one piece just like a pillow case. Check for “salvage” off of the old chair cushion (we cut off the snap sections). When measuring for a pattern, allow for dips into the cushion and add extra for the end, to tuck under or not. Sew it up just like a pillowcase adding the snaps in an equal spacing. Slip it over the old cushion, and snap it closed. Wow, she will have 5 chair covers, and 3 extra throw pillows for $80.00!!! We are whistling through Wednesday on this one. Let’s have a seat and enjoy a glass of sweet tea! Have a creative rest of your week. Hugs, Heidi




2 thoughts on “Whistling Thru a Wednesday-An Easy Project

  1. Heidi, I am thrilled to see this project! I am needing to do this to my patio chairs…you make it look so easy and I LOVE the fabric! Thanks for the inspiration! Diana

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