Zephyr Jacket – Close Up- Some fun sewing techniques


Zephyr Jacket (Zephyr means light breeze), is perfect for this time of year. It is one of the first patterns I put onto the Craftsy.com sight(look up Sewing patterns/ Heidi Emmett). It is for sale for $9.95. I love wearing this jacket, easy to dress up or down. It is a great pattern for beginner sewists. I think the hardest part of this jacket is picking out the fabrics to use. In the version above, I found a lively quilting cotton for the jacket body, and then looked in my silk box (all the treasures I have found while thrift shopping) and found a blouse to cut up for one side of the front piece, and a skirt to cut up for a different color for the front piece facing.


Neck finishing

A close up of the inside neck edge. This is a simple piece of bias sewn down on the right side of the jacket and brought to the inside and hand stitched down.  The shorter your hand sewing needle, the smaller your stitches are (meaning less showing on the front side).  This method is a great way to finish off necklines and sleeve edges without much bulk.


With this colorway, I attached a fun woven strip of fabric at the shoulder and sewed what I know as the “Cardiac Stitch” in rainbow thread for a fun look. For the front piece and front facing, both, I pulled more magic out of my silk box, a pair of pants and cut them up. I enjoy sewing the “Cardiac Stitch” and just writing this post today, I have a new idea I want to try with this technique. Check out the close ups.


Very simply, the “Cardiac Stitch” is simply running your straight stitch backwards and forward. I like what the rainbow thread does in the stitching. Within all of my patterns, I give ideas like these two for fun, funky, ways to upcycle or just sew a new project. Have fun this week, and try something new!  Don’t forget to visit Craftsy.com and Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com to see what the group is up to. There is still room in our Zephyr Retreat, Sept. 2-5th.   Hugs, Heidi

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