Five Tips for a Tuesday, And something New I am working on!



Tip for Tuesday # 1: Look in your yard for color schemes for your next quilt, garment, pillows, paint color, or color scheme for a room to decorate. I think the Zinnia above is STUNNING! These two colors, the red orange, and the jade green are opposites on the color wheel. Very yummy together. And look at the center, just a hint of blue violet, and a bit of rich burgandy red.


Check out THESE colors. The leaves stay this amazing green for the whole season. The beautiful blue violet  with the hint of bright yellow green centers on the flower of the Spiderwort (bad name!) make it ideal for a daring, modern quilt or garment.

I never told you all, but a woman of German descent,told me that “Heidi” or “Adelhaide” means a “field of pretty flowers”. Maybe she made it all up, but it really suits me. And I love, love, flowers of all kinds!


This Peony is just opening up. Gorgeous! Did you know that the Peony bulb can out live us?  One last shot of flowers I promise: the Peony in full bloom, below.


It is so much softer now. I would like to try this as a small quilt, Georgia O’Keefe style using a very sheer silk chiffon for the center white petals and lots of I call it, “thread sketching”, to make the flower look light and airy.


Tip # 2: Now isn’t this a boring picture? But HUGELY IMPORTANT! This is how 9 volt batteries come in the package. Always, Always, STORE them, NEW or USED, this way! Always side by side. On the news the other night, a man said he had thrown all his used batteries in a paper bag into his garage. His house burned down! People, take note, HIS HOUSE BURNED DOWN! The fire marshal said his used 9 volt batteries had touched and arced, causing sparks, fire, etc.. I jumped out of my chair and discussed this with my husband. I never knew this. Ever! Obviously, I’m NOT the only one (since that man didn’t know either). So NEVER EVER store them as shown below:


These are new batteries and Robert (husband) said if I let them touch they would arc, no longer be any good, and quite possibly start a fire.

Tip # 3: DSC_0975

Gosh, I should get a royalty or something with “Blue-Emu”. I learned something else about this great cream ( I showed it once already a few months back). I think it works even better when you have NO OTHER lotion on FIRST! And now that I am in the yard and garden most everyday, I am really going through this amazing cream. I’m just saying….


Tip # 4: I love my sister-in-law Debbie, but she can come up with some “off the wall” ideas. She learned to put a few grains of salt (I use Pink Himalayan)into the bottom of a coffee cup. Using any of your “hohum” coffee, brew a cup. Another idea she had was buying a Keurig coffee machine. Really?? I don’t think so. OH MY GOSH!! We cannot LIVE without ours now. Since that was a great idea, I gave this salt idea a try. OH MY GOSH!! Another winner. You have to try it (you don’t have to have a Keurig machine). It absolutely makes a smoother cup of coffee.

Tip#5: Old Fashioned Roses WILL come back to life if you give them to your Mother to take care of. This one is 25 years young but was struggling at my house. Mom, who lives a hundred yards away, took it over and in one season, beautiful, sweet smelling roses.


No more tips today, but I have to show you what I am working on: DSC_0984

I have until Friday to get this quilted and finished. It is yet another submission to a magazine. I LOVE, LOVE, these fabrics. They are Michael Miller called “Stitches”. They come in some fabulous colors. These three are my favs today. The gray, ombre’ (kinda tough to see) is by Moda, E.E. Schneck. If you ever decide to submit a project to a magazine, some will take just sketches, others want a completed project picture. I don’t want any surprises, so I always make it first, to know what I am doing and to see if others can do it too! I will know yes or no, by the middle of June. I’ll keep you posted.  If you come to my Zephyr Cove workshop in September, you will see this piece all finished as well as some of my other projects that are or will be or may be in magazines. Busy, busy, I am. Go to  and check out the group. Later, everyone. Hugs, Heidi

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