Mommy & Me & My Quilt, Pattern, Series Debut Lace Vests

Yesterday I said that something magical was hanging in my dogwood tree. So here it is:


I love seeing my lace vests blowing in the breeze among the dogwood blossoms.


A close up of the lace fabric I used to create a mother/daughter lace vest. I used to make and sell the adult version (much shorter back then) 25 plus years ago. With the popularity of lace EVERYTHING in garments (also please look at my All Things Lace board on Pinterest, under my name, Heidi Emmett), I decided to bring it back, make it longer, and add a little girls version. DSC_0696

Look for these patterns on very soon.


These vests go together so easily and since I used to do production sewing of them, I have some great sewing tips. Start looking for a border lace. This one I found on ebay. It is all cotton. Well, I had lovely scraps of this lace and others as well as some great fabric pieces that all seemed to work together. The next few pictures show an UNFINISHED “My Quilt.” But, I just had to take some shots of it among the beautiful dogwood blossoms. DSC_0716DSC_0728DSC_0709


I love how the beautiful Aboriginal, Australian background fabric makes for such a great “ironic” total quilt. The tough outback, with a softer lacey side. Just like little girls have to be in real life and mommies too. If I burn the midnight oil, I will have this quilted enough to put in the SWAG (Sierra Wearable Art Group) show that is within the Pine Tree Quilt Guild Show in Grass Valley, CA.  I’ll show pictures of the show next week. So here I go, pedal to the metal! Hugs, Heidi

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