Wacky Wednesday!

A little alliteration here. But it has been crazy busy for me! I have a project that has been accepted in the Stitch, Gift edition magazine. It comes out in November, 2014. It was fun to make and I am so glad the editor, Amber Eden ,and the staff liked it. Can’t say anymore than that until November, but suffice it to say, you will “rest easy” if you make this project and it was made using luxurious fabrics and thread (can thread be luxurious? I think so!)

Today, I took some time to go to my Sierra Wearable Art Group. Here are some pictures of our challenge, “Upcycling”:

DSC_0624 DSC_0619

Love this! A new blouse made from four different men’s shirts. Mary YOU are THE BEST!!!


Zippers on the sleeves, really?! Wow, love these too!


Linda did some very cool, “mock felting” here. She first took a very plain, very long, dress and cut it off for a top. Love this!


Really fun idea. Good job Linda!DSC_0655

Marylee cut off the handles from one purse and put them on a “Shabby Chic” purse she created. LOVE this too!DSC_0635

Vicky took a really ugly jacket (It’s true and she said so too!) and upcycled it to this amazing vest. The jacket had these amazing grommet strips and now, look at the back. That is original to the jacket. But Vicky made it really work! NICE work!DSC_0640

Vicky also came very creatively dressed herself. Me, I’m happy I made it at all! And will you see pics of my stuff? No, ’cause I forgot to take pictures. Later….DSC_0639

Very COOL and sophisticated pants! Love her top too, and of course she made them! WE are the best group ever. And now our fearless leader, Carolyn: DSC_0647

She did not upcycle this, but ohhh, we all want to copy it! ADORABLE Carolyn! You always look tres chic!DSC_0648DSC_0650

Too fun, both of them!DSC_0649

Love this idea! Carolyn was tired of her black and white top, so she made sleeves out of two different t-tops and voila! Did I say how much I love this idea! Now, everyone get OUT THERE and CREATE!  And have a very Happy EASTER! Hugs, Heidi

He is Risen! He is RISEN INDEED!!!!

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