Three “Tips” For Tuesday

Here are a few ideas to help you save $$ so you can buy more of the fun things we really want (all on sale of course): fabric, yarn, beautiful sweaters, plants for the garden, ahh the list goes on……DSC_0669



Wow, these pictures are kinda blurry. So sorry. I was in a hurry I guess. I bought my “Peace” rain boots at the end of the season (of course!) for $29. After three years of wear, they split in the back seam. What to do? My husband, Robert, came up with this terrific idea, use a bicycle tube patch kit (about $2.50). He put it on for me because it is SUPER smelly stuff. I said to put a piece on the other boot so they would match! There is a lot of wear left in my “stylin” rain boots.



I bet you know this tip, but just forgot it. I bought a nice sweater to repurpose. The buttons are beautiful (I want to add paint details I think). Before washing the sweater, wrap each button with foil. Works like a charm. They do this at the cleaners too. Savings, $5.per button (they are enameled)=$25. PLUS, I washed it myself (I only take coats to the cleaners). If I can’t wash it at home, I don’t buy it. Cleaners, $4. (guessing here).


Decorating tip: Try really hard NOT to go to Home Goods and see if you can use what you already own in a new way for your seasonal decorating. The flowers are good quality fake ones (end of season sale). Some flowers, while wonderful when fresh, just don’t last long enough to make it worthwhile. Forsythia is one of them. Like jewelry, put up the stuff, and always remove one thing. That is a candle (4 wicks) on the end there. It might be a bit out of place. Or, I will just move it a little closer to the other stuff. I need to light it, after all it only cost me $3.25 and my husband said it will last forever! Savings: wow, let’s just say, priceless, especially if I can do it for a whole YEAR!

Now I have saved enough money to go buy some new Kaffe Fassett fabrics for my stash. Have a creative rest of the week. Hugs, Heidi

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