Easy and Fast Fresco Looking Wall Finish AND Leather Look Finish

Here is one last post on home decorating that I promised to to. My class on Saturday was a success. Here are the two finishes promised from the Sunset Reinvent Your Kitchen book. Don’t forget to check half.com for these great books.

reinvent cover

Fresco 1-1

Fresco 2

This is my kitchen. I could not be happier with this paint method. It has been up for wow, I just added it up, 12 years ! Because it is so neutral I am able to change decor colors whenever I want. That is my sister-in-law in the picture, working her magic. She designed this process. It is fun to do as a team. Our only recommendation is NOT to work on one of the hottest days of the year, because it dries soooo fast!

Island 1

I KNOW it says “Paper Bag Island” but I prefer to call it “Faux Leather”. Even after all these years, I STILL have people saying to me, “Wow, is that leather on your island”? This project is so EASY and FUN to do. Maybe you could do it on a library wall, a bathroom wall, or my sister-in-law did it for me on a giant lamp base and I turned it into the coolest vase. What would you try?

Island 4

Island 2Island 3

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