Easy to Make Bubbler Fountains

Fountain planDSC_0448


Look at the end cap on the copper pipe. It has holes drilled evenly around it and one on the top.Without the cap, you would have a bubbler. With the cap (with drilled holes) you will have water that sprays a bit for more noise factor. The drilled cap was my dad’s idea. Also, the taller the pipe, the more noise the falling water makes.


This one is winterized right now (water turned off).


My cylinder pot  with the bubbler (just the pipe). Note, this one also has no base for water to fall into. We used Plumber’s Putty/Marine Epoxy at the base for the cord only to come through. The water recirculates with its own little pump right in the container. No outside source for water. Don’t forget to keep it full, if not you could burn out the pump.


Normally the ivy and other branches would be cleared away and you would see more black rocks at the base, sitting in a rubber bowl that recirculates the water. Directions for this fountain came from Coastal Living Magazine and are shown below this last picture.


It is easy to create this lovely water sound. Each fountain that you have seen was done for no more than $100. That’s my cute kitty, Rubix looking on.Fountain plan

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