A No Sew, Silk Covered Pillow

I’m down to the wire on getting this post out on time. I am teaching a” break out” session at a Women’s Conference on Quick and Easy Decorating Ideas. You will reap the benefits of this class as I have had to concentrate on decorating ideas and only decorating ideas.I love my silk pillow cover idea. Please check back as I will post two ideas more from a Sunset Book, Reinvent Your Kitchen, that features MY KITCHEN on the cover. More fun DSC_0549

This idea is a perfect way to use beautiful scarves that you have collected or inherited. Of course, I must use a pillow I already own (why buy a new form?). Place it in the center of the scarf as shown. As far as what size square to what size pillow form, you will have to experiment. But that is the fun. See if you can do this without buying anything!DSC_0550

Bring 2 opposite sides up and tie a fairly tight square knot.



Here is more of a close up.



Bring the other two opposite sides up and tie another square knot.



Start tucking lose edges inside to hide them. That upper knot can stay or be hidden. DSC_0554

I like the knot showing. Isn’t this the cutest? Can’t you see a splash of colorful silk scarf pillows on an off-white slipcovered sofa? Or on an all white bed? Today is the last day of winter, time to think Spring, and silk scarf pillows will really let the Spring in!



I had to leave you with pictures of my orchid! Yes, this is growing of its’ own accord, nothing I have done except water it a bit every week.



This orchid was a gift from friends over a year ago! It’s still alive people! And has TONS of happy blossoms on it! What a gorgeous color scheme. Thank you Teresa and Michael. I love it so much.



Welcome to you who are viewing my blog for the first time! I hope you come back. Something fun going on every week. Hugs, Heidi

5 thoughts on “A No Sew, Silk Covered Pillow

  1. Great idea for an easy pillow Heidi! Happy spring to you 🙂
    I want to send you a link to the pictures of the art quilts from Carol Taylor. How can I do that? email me…..

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