My Workshop at Zephyr Point Conference Center

Hello everyone! My last post had me spiraling out of control, so today I am taking slow deep breaths and relaxing a bit. I have so many projects just started, half finished, sent to the pattern maker, projects ideas sent to magazines, ack! I need to slow down and take you to Lake Tahoe for a few minutes, deep breaths, smell the Sugar Pines (of course saying that reminds me of the Sugar Pine Bakery, 3.4 miles from Zephyr Point,yummy stuff), concentrate Heidi, hear the waves lapping the shore, savore the pristine Mount Tallac views… ahhhDSC_0067 Ahh, we made it just in time to have a lovely picnic dinner just outside our room (could be YOUR room)and down a small slope. Behind me is Zephyr cove where the Dixie paddleboat  docks as well as several Catamarans.

DSC_0095After dinner we walked to the little gift shop and sat in the rocking chairs. I pinned onto Pinterest to my hearts content! You too can go to the gift shop and sit and enjoy the view anytime you want, day or night.

DSC_0238My husband and I went the next day and took the Gondola in Heavenly Village up to the top. This is the first stop. Zephyr Point is behind the cable in the upper right.

DSC_0248Isn’t this truly Heavenly? And the water is REALLY those colors. The little white specks in the water are boats at Tahoe Keys, Pope Beach is the white sandy beach at the true, South Shore. The park rangers give amazing astronomy lectures while you sit wrapped in a blanket watching shooting stars. DSC_0199One last view before we head up to the TOP. On the way up you see all of the Carson Valley in Nevada on the other side of Heavenly Valley . The buildings below are some of the Casinos. Edgewater Golf Course is right next to them on the right.

DSC_0156Back at Zephyr Point, and evening stroll, maybe two minutes from one of the rooms. If you are brave, you could take an evening swim. Ahhh… I really needed that break. Thanks for going with me.. Allow me to tell you again what my workshop includes:  One full day will be devoted to creating samples of the many techniques I use in my clothing designs and repurposed items. On the second and third days you will edit and combine your samples to make an innovative wall hanging or table runner. You might also choose to make a wearable piece using one of my patterns.

Please visit     to learn more about our retreat.  Also, see my boards on Pinterest/.com and  type in my name, Heidi Emmett. And don’t forget patterns/Heidi Emmett . My newest one is the three tiered skirt and it’s FREE!  I’ll leave you with a few pictures of my newest pattern: “Mommy & Me & My Quilt”: a series  Lace Vest/ and quilt. Well, actually, it is just some delicious goodies in a pile that over the next day or two will become the quilt. DSC_0445 DSC_0448DSC_0448 DSC_0446I just love these springtime colors. And wait until you see the mother/daughter lace vests. Have a wonderful rest of a creative week. Hugs, Heidi


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