Spiraling Out of Control!

Those words could be taken in so many ways. For me, it means I have so many ideas with using spirals of many types in my quilted art, and art to wear, that I am out of control in wanting to try them all! I’m only showing one such technique today.






I bought this purse because of the cool spiraling flower in the center. Now I know why it was at TJMaxx. I wanted you to see the raveling threads on it. I will clean them up, but it got me to thinking, what if the spiraling petals were cut on the bias? DSC_0414




Oh my, the closeup of this shows lots of threads, cat hair, and fluff, from the batting. Next time, I will give it a closer inspection. Black is always a problem anyway. Tip: Always carry a lint lifter in your glove box to give yourself a once over when you get out of your car!

This process of bias spiraling is done by machine. It is a bias strip folded in half and started in the center and working out. I am keying off of the purse. I am exploring different sizes of bias strips and finishing ideas. Below is another project I have just started. I admit, I’m bad. I work on 3-4 projects at one time as I get bored easily. Right now I have, one in the designing stage (piles of fabrics for auditioning), one at the beginning of spiraling stage(this next group of pictures),one at an embellishment stage, and one ready to be used in a garment. DSC_0413

This piece is a fabric that has a planet printed on a universe background. I simply added iron on Pellon Fleece and machine quilted it. Tip: I love iron on Pellon Fleece. I don’t need to pin, or baste anything. It is a perfect weight for small wall hangings, bags, and some clothing pieces.


Here is another Tip: There was a sharp crease in this fabric. I LOVE, love, LOVE, Best Press by Mary Ellen. Spritz it on, iron it, and it’s gone!

DSC_0411This batik will make a gorgeous spiral. Here, I am trying some options. This fabric is called Aurora Borealis by Rosewood Fabrics. I got it at my local Quilt Shop, Sugar Pine Quilt Shop.

DSC_0410I am excited about the possibilities with this piece. Come back to my blog to see the progress. Don’t forget to check out Craftsy.com/ sewing patterns/Heidi Emmett. Yowza! The pattern, “Heidi’s 3-tiered skirt pattern” (from two posts ago), has been going like gang busters. I’m so glad. It is easy and fun to make AND it’s FREE! Go get one.

I am leaving you with some pictures of my Hellebores flowers. I love the colors and shapes (hmm.. do I see spirals?). More rain is coming! Yippee! Hugs, Heidi




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