My Great Arizona Adventure

I can’t believe I was able to swim in the middle of winter, to walk around in sleeveless tops and wear sandles, and to sit out under the stars and watch the full moon rise without having to wear a down jacket. Ahhhh, three full days of fun and rejuvenation in Scottsdale, AZ. Oddly, for today’s post I will start backwards and show you inspiring pictures from the airport. That’s right, leaving the Phoenix airport they had the most wonderful art on display. I was particularly enamored with one very large oil painting and one collaged quilt. IMG_20130509_105803 Isn’t this passion flower beautiful? Yes it is, but alas this was taken in a FABULOUS garden in Santa Barbara, that was created by my Uncle, Grant Castleberg. Different year, different story. It seems that I can’t remember how to access my files of pictures from Phoenix!!! I am so bad at this…. aargghh! Now I have to wait until Robert comes home. I’ll post again later tonight. So sorry.

Since it is Tuesday, I will leave you with a hot tip (read it in USA Weekend magazine): Do you have lots of static electricity? Take a metal hangar (do we have any left?) and rub it on the garment, all over. It really works! One more tip: I came home from Phoenix and threw clothes in the washer and dryer. HELLO! READ LABELS before throwing your favorite linen sweater and adorable cotton lace top in the dryer. Stupid, stupid! Now, I have to re-purpose them or figure out what I can add to make them fit me again. So sad. I’ll keep you posted on these.  Until later tonight, hugs, Heidi.

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