My Great Arizona Adventure, Part 2

At last, pictures from the Phoenix airport. The first grouping are from a really large oil painting. I could not get the whole thing in without a lot of glare. So I took pictures, “Georgia O’Keefe style”. I like what Georgia says about her fantastic flowers: (I’m paraphrasing here) that she sees shapes in the flowers she paints and she must paint them large so people will notice them.  The artist for this oil painting is Dyana Hesson. I really felt a connection with this piece, titled, “Arizona Hotshots”. Please visit her website for some gorgeous paintings. AZ 4Luscious colors, all painted in natural lighting. I hate to say this is on its side but it is. I did everything I was supposed to. I guess I felt to smug about this process. It’s still lovely.

AZ 2

AZ 3The subtlety of her brush strokes, and the light, I can’t get over that. And that is something I noticed while in Arizona, a clarity to the air that put things in a sharper focus.

AZ 6 I was a bit out of focus, but still lovely.

AZ3Could I ever capture this in fabric?

AZ 5I apologize for the glare on this one. Very difficult to take through plexi-glass with a tablet camera. Make sure to visit her website: Dyana Hesson .com

Collage AZ 2What am I doing wrong? This one is on its side too. This is the whole quilt. All done in fabric with embroidery. Very fun, and so many layers. Her name is Cheryl Pratt. Not sure if she has a website.  I notice that all these colors are on the warm side of the color wheel. Even many of the greens have yellow in them. What a great way to end my mini-vacation by experiencing these great art pieces before boarding the plane to come home to chilly, Northern California.  This all makes me want to grab some of these juicy colors in fabric and get busy creating. Have a great week. Hugs, Heidi


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