New pattern! (now available on



Hello! I just posted a new skirt pattern onto  Go to the site and type in, under clothing patterns, Heidi Emmett and they will all come up. The best news is that it’s FREE!

DSC_0348I’m sorry that the pictures aren’t fabulous. We had to take them inside as it was pouring rain outside. And I am so glad. I live in northern CA, 1 hour north of Sacramento and we need ALL the rain we can get. We got over 10″!!! people! So happy. And we will be getting more.

DSC_0349I love this skirt pattern. I call it Heidi’s easy Three-tiered twisted skirt. Huh? Twisted? Well, I have to tell you that when I had my fabric store for 16 years starting in 1983, one of the things we offered was this skirt pattern free, if you bought the fabric. I STILL have every single skirt I made from it. I personally don’t think that this pattern will ever go out of style.

DSC_0351I have made it out of quilting cottons, and rayon fabrics. Voile, light weight linen, silk, they would all be lovely too.  Oh, I just thought, the beautiful light weight corduroys would be lovely. The skirt above is made from a GORGEOUS Kaffe Fassett rayon. I love the draping quality it has. I will definitely  wear this skirt all year ’round. If you can’t find Kaffe rayons at your local quilt shop (like I did! Sugar Pine in Grass Valley), check out Ebay. I just found this same pattern, Millefiore, in rayon in a lighter color (also available in quilting cotton weight and LOTS of colors)on Ebay. Can’t wait to make that one.

DSC_0356I almost forgot, go to one of my past posts (end of September I think, yikes, I should have looked before I started this post, sorry about that) and you will see several of “Heidi’s Three-tiered Twisted skirts. I am going to be a bad girl, I wont tell you here about the “twisted” part. Go to, patterns, clothing, Heidi Emmett. Down load the pattern for free and you will read how “twisted” your skirt can get.  Have fun. Hugs, Heidi


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