Five Random Items that I Can’t Sew Without

I will have more to show you from time to time but these are important for you to see right NOW!DSC_0249Yes, people, Blue-Emu. When you get the “kink in the back of neck” syndrome from sewing too long, or fingers that were out pulling weeds for the first time that season, this stuff is GREAT! A friend whose son was on the Mtn. Biking Team at our High School, told me about it. As I tell everyone, if you don’t like it, let me know and I will buy it from you. It’s not sticky, doesn’t smell.  Just be consistent with your usage.

DSC_0256It is the ubiquitous magnetic pin cushion. I am too busy watching what I am sewing to be bothered with turning my head and finding a regular pin cushion. A light toss in its general direction and it hits its mark every time. Go to a hardware store and ask for a shiny metal one. They are bigger and I believe cheaper.

DSC_0252This idea could save you LOTS of money! During the past summer we had weeks of bad air because of the smoke from fires in Yosemite. I had grit in my eyes all the time. Then shooting pains. It would go away and come back. Almost 6 months later (I was a bad girl) I went to the eye doctor. I was diagnosed with dry eyes. If you live in a dry climate and NOT necessarily older, thank you very much, you too could have dry eyes.So if you have gritty feeling eyes, which makes for uncomfortable sewing, try this first.

DSC_0261 I have always told my students and customers that the mark of a good seamstress is one who knows how to rip out a seam. Mine just looks old. The price tag is still on it along with blobs of old ink (don’t store them with your pens). But it is SHARP! I have so many of these  tucked here and there that they are all still sharp. It has to feel comfortable in your hand and be sharp. That’s all.

DSC_0085Yep, there’s that water bottle again. I have it by my machine at ALL times. Winter is a notorious time for not getting enough water. Also, check out that logo. You too could own one of these (from the gift shop) when you come to the Artistic Alchemy Retreat this September 2nd-5th.  It is the sweetest deal. $495. The price includes a room right on the lake (if you get your deposit in quickly and you have a roommate), all meals, and one of four fabulous workshops to choose from.  

DSC_0044No more items, just some fun Valentine possibilities. I will randomly sew this following the overall heart shape. I put this in an earlier blog. I think it is so cute it bears repeating. Too easy to do. Cut out random sizes and shapes of hearts. Lay them on a background fabric and don’t pin, use fabric glue.

DSC_0045You guessed it. These are the leftovers, randomly space and stitched. Turn either of them in a pocket for an apron, pocket on a tote bag, pillows, just to name a few items. Plenty of time to sew a few before Valentines Day.

DSC_0264I’ll leave you with this last “heart felt” idea. These are the hearts I was working on in the last post. I found some very pretty heart shaped, red hinged boxes. I will glue my stitched hearts onto the top and fill them with sweet treats for my Valentines. Create up a storm this week. And that is what we are FINALLY (54 days without)going to get starting late on Wednesday, a real “measurable”, amount of rain! A real storm. Hugs, Heidi

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