Artistic Applique’ Pieces

Good morning everyone! I said I would be posting more about my technique on “Artistic Applique’ Pieces”. Go to to see this post that discusses this technique that will be taught up at Zephyr in my workshop at our Artistic Alchemy Retreat in September.

DSC_0184This was the last picture from the post at Now for some follow-up pictures:

DSC_0277This picture shows how I layer each applique’ piece. I only use two pieces of fabric per applique’.

DSC_0283I wanted you to see a closer view of the behind the Kaffe Fassett “paperweight, or maybe it’s Roman glass”. I LOVE these particular prints of Kaffe Fassetts fabrics. It is interesting the pattern on the top fabric are circles, and I make the applique piece in circle shapes. I really like circles, especially spiraling  circles. Check out my board on Pinterest that is called, “Circles, Circles”.  Yikes, maybe I need some counseling? The fabrics underneath the Kaffe top piece are all very OLD pieces from my stash. A great way to use older pieces or even pieces you don’t like anymore. They give great illusion and textural interest.

DSC_0241Ta da! Another “Sassy Summer Scarf”. Look for this scarf pattern, soon to be on  under clothing patterns/ Heidi Emmett, or maybe Accessories. Yes, accessories.

DSC_0246I’m trying to plan ahead! Valentines Day will be here soon. The black and white actually hurts my eyes on its’ own. But I love it with this Dan Bennett (Westminster). Look at all those circles!!

DSC_0243I can’t wait to work on these hearts. They are four inch squares of fabric. DSC_0245How about one of these hearts, add some beads, some ribbon, and a pin back. Give it to a valentine. Make time to create this week. Hugs, Heidi

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