Sassy Summer Scarf

DSC_0103I bet you have NEVER seen a scarf like this! The idea just came to me and I had to try it. DSC_0108This scarf even has a secret pocket in which to carry money, license, a key, or something else that is small and flat. I hate it when I go out on the town and have to constantly guard my purse. And it is bad form to ask your date, or husband to hold everything for you. DSC_0122Here is one way to wear it. DSC_0123Here it is pulled down a bit more. DSC_0132Sassy and open to fly in the breeze, ha, ha. DSC_0134Check out the very ends. Do you see the little silver balls. Those are actually a magnetic opener for a necklace. No fighting to get it over your head and keep it from being twisted. Love that. DSC_0115I’m calling this my Statement Scarf! Why not? Make it up and above all, MAKE IT FUN! Now get out there and create!  Hugs, Heidi

P.S. With this INCREDIBLE weather we are having, summer is on my mind. Wow, to have something for the season, ahh, five months ahead of time. This is a first!

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