A New Year, ALREADY!!

Didn’t this year go by really, really, fast? I hope you were able to do some fun things, creative things with some of this past year.

I did just that, yesterday, December 30th. All day, I was able to play with polymer clay! A lovely, creative time for all present. Let me show you some pictures:


This first one is the beginning of Mokune Gane (Spelling?). Layers of polymer colors form a stack, including silver leaf. Getting ready to add the top layer black.

The subsequent pictures show different colorways of other Mokune Gane stacks and slices being taken from each stack.




The last pictures are some finished jewelry pieces  and the very last two pictures are different  “canes” that are sliced to form buttons, earrings, all kinds of lovely things, all done by our great teacher Sandra Bruce!





Visit Pinterest and type in Heidi Emmett and check out my board on Polymer Clay. The colors, designs, of polymer are a perfect jumping off place for Art to Wear, Quilting, and other creative ventures. I love Polymer clay.

Be sure to visit Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com to see what Artistic Alchemy is up to! Happy New Year! Hugs, Heidi

3 thoughts on “A New Year, ALREADY!!

  1. Dear Heidi Wow…doesn’t that look like such fun to create that wonderful stuff with polymer!! I am in love with that blue and yellow necklace that your teacher made…wow! Someday I’m going to have to try some of that…at this point…I would be happy to just get to the sewing machine…but like you said…I just need to make it happen and carve out the time!!! Hoping that when I am recovering from my foot surgery that I can finish a rag quilt I started about 6 years ago…Im going to get it down and ready (it’s in a pretty box on top of my kitchen cabinets…a bit of my extra storage in my small house)…hold my feet to the fire, girlfriend!!!

    So love that we are back in touch! I realized, when looking at my camera the other day, that I have pics you wanted me to get to you from the place we ate lunch! I’ll try to get it done soon!

    love ya, me

    Happy 2014!!! Wow…a year with a blank canvas and many possibilities! My resolution? To sew some every week! 🙂

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