“We Need A Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute”


I had to show another shot from my kitchen window. I took this picture a week ago. It was so cold that the snow was not melting. Getting a very cold snow the 5th of December has really helped get the “Little Christmas” in full swing. I bought these two wooden trees from a friend. She hand, yes, HAND letters them. I am so bad. One for a friend, and one for me! That’s how I work. But, I can’t separate them NOW! I’m going to do something cool to the jar in back of the trees, someday.

DSC_0450Isn’t my ballerina just the cutest little thing? I was in The Nutcracker many years ago, as an adult party member. I had so much fun. I got to dress up and dance. Two things I love to do. I was given this this ornament after the performance. Amazing what you can do with a clothespin. DSC_0139Shhh.. my mouse is sleeping! A girlfriend made him for me 35 years ago, way before I was married. My husband and son have picked it as their favorite. DSC_0102I always surround sleeping mouse (Thank you! Tina Murray Bosh) with our son, Cory’s ornaments that were made in school. Upper right corner, Cory is an Angel (3rd grade)! Only when he was sleeping. Kidding! I love, love, that one. Many people have copied it for their kids. I was so pleased that the teacher let each child cut and glue their own! DSC_0146This is my beauuuuutiful Christmas Tree 2013. I grew up on a Christmas Tree farm. My husband graciously allows me the tallest tree I can find. I love shiny, glittery, twinkly, colorful, and fun! DSC_0183Isn’t this cute? I’m a bit late posting this week as I have been helping a friend decorate her house for her son’s December graduation party from UNR (University of Reno, Nevada, Engineering).  This is “Trevor’s” tree. Yes, those are his Lego creations(from ages past),as well as some of Trevor’s own ornaments. I love the very large Jingle Bell above. There are two more hanging beside this one. Her husband bought these from a dept. store that closed. DSC_0175They are a MAJOR bicycling family and a friend took and old wheel and added cute stuff and greenery to make a “bicycle” wreath. She showed it to me and said, let’s redo it. Are you kidding? There is just NO time. So here is a quick thing that I did: Get out your can of Spray Snow and cover all the dead greenery with snow. No one will EVER know ! Two things though, make sure the spray can warms up for two hours, and it takes FOREVER! to dry. But worth it I think.

I’m off to wrap presents now.  Hugs, Heidi

3 thoughts on ““We Need A Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute”

  1. I just found your blog ~smile~

    Loved seeing my mouse ornament on your Christmas tree…..

    You are still so very busy and creative. Glad we have reconnected online.


    1. Tina, you found me! Yes, I have been busy. But I hear you have too. I have your email again now, so I’ll be in touch. Doesn’t “Mr. Mouse” look great? even after all these years. I really meant what I said, he is our families favorite. Talk soon. Heidi

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