I’m Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

DSC_0375My Cuckoo Tree House on the morning of December 7th. It is December 10th and there is not much change in the amount of snow we have. It has been sooooo cold (15.6 degress is cold for us in Cedar Ridge), that nothing is melting. DSC_0404Celebrating the snow, a toast with my “Sister, Oregon” coffee mug. And my fingerless gloves that my friend Christine Barnes gave me. Christine, I wear these ALL THE TIME!! Especially helpful when I go to my studio, over the garage with plenty of insulation, but when the temp. is 15.6 degrees, I need a heater and my precious gloves. Thank you, thank you!DSC_0418Don’t you just LOVE my little tree? The silver is tarnishing a bit on the limbs of this tree, just like the beautiful vintage ornaments I have been collecting over the years. I cut the top off of this picture and check out the book that is still on the table; Fashion by DK. I can’t wait to start looking at it, but nooooooo time. I love Christmas but I am pulled in so many directions. DSC_0421Isn’t my flamingo beautiful? And the light shining behind her wings? It has to be a her, very graceful looking. I think she is beautiful at the top of my silvery tree, so there she stays. All right, all right, onto something sewing related: DSC_0408DSC_0410 “You Won This Auction”. Really? Surely someone else was going to bid. Yikes, I did win it. I adore almost anything from Peruvian Connection. I love Alpaca and Pima cotton. They have lots. I can’t afford anything out of the catalog so I haunt ebay in search of Vintage and newer P. Connection at a lower cost. The thrill of the hunt. Well I won this vintage 80’s Alpaca Sweater Dress. I knew the colors were muted and that there was “rose” in the coloring. Rose is a dead giveaway for the 80’s look. Do you see in the upper picture the little circles of wool? Well, to update this look I am embroidering hand dyed “Pennies” from inthePatchdesigns.com (also scored from ebay) onto this sweater dress. The very best part is that this will be an ongoing process. I want to also add leaves “a la” Sue Spargo (look her up, great folk art embroidery), vines, maybe a bird or two. We’ll see. DSC_0412DSC_0415A picture of the back and one more of the front. Hmm.. I think I might want to add some beading. I call this free- form embroidery and it really can “upcycle”, “update” a garment. Go check your closet and see what oldie but goodie you can find to do some free-form embroidery on. I DARE YOU!  Hugs, Heidi

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