Let it Snow, Let it Snow on a Felting Friday!

It is so cold that the snowflakes are really small as they come down, but they are coming so fast that it is starting to accumulate. Yes, it does snow in California! We are of course, northern California. We are an hour north of Sacramento and 1 1/2 hours west of Lake Tahoe. It is so pretty and I can’t wait to take a picture, but it is already 9:00p.m. Yes, it has even been a rain/snow mix in Chico, CA where our son goes to college, it is maybe 500ft in elevation.

My husband Robert is busy putting lights on the Christmas tree (always his job!) with very interested cats Rex and Rubix watching. I am here in my office writing my Felting Friday blog post. Sparky is happily snoring in his bed behind me. Ahhh, what a great way to spend a Friday night. Below is one of my favorite sweaters that I wear so much. It is the finest, softest,  Merino Wool. I guess I should say WAS. Yep, it accidentally went into the washer on a permanent press cycle instead of the wool cycle. It shrunk a bit, and is not nearly so soft, but I love it anyway. I found it at the thrift shop and yes, it had a few holes. DSC_0033DSC_0052 DSC_0035DSC_0051  This whole picture part is messed up and I was so careful. I did have the whole sweater picture first. I’m sorry, but I am going to finish it the way it is. This is one of my very favorite yarns. It is one of the first ones I ever used for felting. My friend found it for me and I have the smallest amount left. It has a binder thread in it that we would meticulously pull out and then gently tease the yarn. Well, THAT only lasted for one project. Took FOREVER, so I just started laying the yarn down the way it was. Love the texture and color changes. And in the other picture you can see how the needles jam the yarn from the right side of the sweater all the way to the wrong side. The action of the needles going up and down binds the yarn to the other yarns it is close to. I enjoy the fuzzy “wrong” side too and often put the fuzzy side to the front of a garment. Just depends on the yarn and how I’m feeling at the time. ha, ha. Happy felting. Stay warm and cozy. Hugs, Heidi DSC_0029

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