Sweet Sparky dog

DSC_0142Here Is our rescue dog, Sparky. We got him when he was four years old. He had his own spike collar and learned over the years,that he barks furiously when Harley’s (in particular) drive by, runs and hides when the neighbor does some target practice, and barks at my husband whenever we hug and kiss. He is 13 years old now, and I can’t tell who snores the loudest, Sparky or my husband! We love him (yes, my husband too) bunches. Our son, Cory, “fist pumping” Sparky.  DSC_0136DSC_0180 (2)DSC_0182I decided to “immortalize” Sparky with this great project. Sandy Poteet, a great fiber artist that lives here in Grass Valley, taught this class. It looks soooooo hard, but isn’t, of course! I don’t do anything hard or time consuming. Here is the process in a quick overview:  1. start with a dark fabric backgound. 2. Trace general outlines of “dog”. Using a bleach pen, start removing color, some areas more than others. 3. After stopping bleach process and cleaning fabric, start painting color back in. 4. Add a thin batting and backing fabric and using a dark thread and your darning foot, stitch where ever you want to make the design pop. Too fun. I am turning this piece into a pocket for a tote bag. What next? Something for a  garment of course. DSC_0353Don’t laugh! This is the wild, crazy side of Sparky! ha, ha. I took this class with 9-13 year olds. Yep, I took a kids painting class. Toooooo fun! Now, I want to translate this same, collage look with fabric and lots of outline stitching.  Every class I take builds on what I learn to create other things that are fabric related! Love it. What will you do with your 15 minutes (or more)of creative time today? Hugs, Heidi

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