Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

DSC_0141DSC_0142 A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from all of us at my house. DSC_0298DSC_0299DSC_0305 What a beautiful fall we had, in 2009. I know, awhile ago, but I so enjoyed taking these pictures. These incredible maple tree pictures are at my neighbors house. The color was so intense.

I have no ideas to share today. My mind is focused on the 21 people I will somehow get into my house for Thanksgiving. Well yes, I do have a couple of ideas for you (they are cooking related). Brine your turkey or in my case turkeys. Yes, I have to fix two, one deep fried, and one in the oven. Deep fried is a great way to get all the men outside, rain or shine. They all congregate around that bird and when it comes out, we through in seasoned potato skins. Oh, my, oh my are THEY GOOD! Oh, back to the brining. Go to Allrecipes.com Anything with salt in the recipe is good. The salt locks in flavor and helps the meat stay juicy. And one last tip with the turkey that goes in the oven, I bake it on WEDNESDAY! You heard right. Wow, does it save mega time and I’m not so tired. I even make the gravy as well. The funny part is all three of these tips came from men in my family, NONE of which really cook. They are now “traditions” that must NEVER be changed!

Happy, Happy, Thanksgiving! from the Emmett family, Heidi, Robert, Cory, Sparky, Rex, and Rubix

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