Felting Friday, Lessons Learned

DSC_0038A sweater for my mom (2 ply- beautiful Cashmere had a few small holes). Remember, holes are never a problem. They just lead me to where I need to felt. Well, the lesson learned this time is that I borrowed it back to take pictures and I discovered where an issue came on my radar. See the next picture. DSC_0013 Look closely at the neck binding. It is the beginning of another hole. The neck binding is pulling away from the back neck edge of the sweater. That isn’t a problem. The problem is that I CAN’T find the yarn I used. I told you that I have lots of yarn. But I didn’t tell you that It is a wee bit disorganized. I blame it on the classes that I have taught on machine felting. So lesson learned. ALWAYS store extra yarn with the garment for future needs. DSC_0009 Love the sleeve detailing on this one. Start it anywhere and let the machine grab the piece of yarn and it will flow through your fingers as it felts around the sleeve cuff end. You gotta love that free arm. DSC_0028Think about who you are felting for. My mom is very petite and VERY traditional. So just a sprinkling of circles and keep ’em dainty.
It has been a week now, and I am STILL looking for that yarn. Aarrgghh!
Have a great weekend.
Hugs Heidi

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